Types Metal Stair Treads

Mar 17th

Metal Stair Treads – This type of stairs is particularly attractive in a house or residence with modern and minimalist decoration. There are many methods, techniques, and materials that you can use to build a floating ladder, so it is easy to find a particular one that suits your home and your personal tastes. There are different floating ladders that it is possible to design. There are many variants of the concept of a floating ladder. The typical floating staircase has no visible platform and no decorative adjustments of any kind.

Metal Stair Treads Style
Metal Stair Treads Style

Its metal stair treads are floating, only anchored to the wall on one side, it gives the impression almost magical of an element in the air without apparent support. The steps of these stairs are usually made of wood, although some are made of transparent glass or plastic, there are also stone and concrete, of course, the metal is a suitable material to make them. One of the biggest advantages of acquiring a floating ladder is that with it you can get a visual and style statement. Commonly these stairs are treated as pieces of sculpture, objects of art, and some show great aesthetic value.

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These are stairs attached to the wall. The most basic and minimalist type of floating ladder is simply a series of metal stair treads connected to the wall. It is very important that the steps and the accessories used to anchor them to the wall are very resistant. Which forms this flying spiral staircase makes it a decorative element of the room to which it gives uniqueness. Its structure, which revolves around an axis, was made of steel with a white finish to integrate it into the living room.

At the top, the metal stair treads were dressed in wood, as well as the upstairs, which favors a visual continuity between the staircase and the bedroom. It receives this name because it is similar to the ones that are installed in the boats. The one in the photo leads to a loft and is made to measure in iron.

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