Tips on Choosing Staircase Spindles

Jun 7th

Staircase spindles – The staircase is a prominent feature of most houses, so getting the right design is important. A beautiful staircase can make fantastic club to impress your guests as well as serve a practical purpose. But looks are only part of the story-security is another important issue. Many teenagers fail ladders of modern standards, thus substituting stair handrails that can help bring your home up to zero. Most home stairs made of wood, but metal and glass became more popular. The wood will probably still be a part of your staircase, at least as far as tread and supporting structures are concerned, but you can decide to combine the components of wooden stairs with glass panels or steel spindles (also known as Mantel) to look more contemporary.

Wood Staircase Spindles
Wood Staircase Spindles

The wood is a beautiful warm, versatile that suits any environment. It is ideal for a wide range of designs staircase spindles, including curved stairs, converted stiles and different styles of handles. Wood stair spindles, in particular, can be easily worked on all kinds of decorative shapes or left plain to see. Where’s the best wood? Pine, hemlock and sample are worth considering if you have a tight budget, especially if you intend to paint or stain the stairs. At the other end of the ladder, the staircase parts of the ash, walnut, Southern yellow pine and oak wood offer superior looks and durability, but comes at a price.

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Metal staircase spindles flanges resemble wrought iron were very popular at the moment, with a wide selection of traditional and contemporary designs on the market. Durable and decorative, they can be easily painted to match the rest of the decoration if required. You can also get chrome or brushed nickel staircase spindles effect to ultra modern shades. The glass panels can look stunning on a handrail, and are ideal for dim spaces, as they allow the light to flow freely through the room. They can be combined with wooden or metal handrails and stiles and even glass rungs, for anyone interested in adding a touch of contemporary luxury.