Stairway Carpet Installation Tools and Tips

Mar 26th

Stairway Carpet – There are basically two ways to install the carpet on the stairs. One of them is the waterfall style where one piece of carpet covers each riser and its ways. The other is the ceiling and band installation. In this article you will show you how to install the carpet using the waterfall method. These instructions are about the basic stairs and not the spiral staircases that require additional procedures.

Stairway Carpet Runner
Stairway Carpet Runner

Equipment needed is tech tapes, upholstery, tape measure, knee pads, knee kicker (check rental store), household electrical appliances (check warehouse rent), knife, hammer and safety glasses. You obviously need to remove all old carpets. Get rid of the hole in the tape and do not try to use old padding. Be sure to remove any pins, pins and broom down for use as a carpet. Before you begin to install stairway carpet, you should know how much carpet you need. Calculate the entire tread width sufficiently. If your tray is open on one or both sides make sure to measure under the smudge to where the riser meets and add it to the total width.

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Figure the length of your tray by using tread and contrast. Assuming you will be using carpet pad make sure to add at least 3 inches in the drawer.  Apply the tape to the location of the groove stairs hole. Next you need to tighten the carpet by tucking the legs. You can do this by using a knee kicker. It is a tool used to install carpets in small areas stairs. Take of a piece of metal tube with a pin plate associated with it. At the other end is a padded pad where you can put your knee to put pressure on the carpet. You should be able to find it in a local store rental. Simply put a padded end several inches above the knee and add pressure. That’s all some steps of stairway carpet installation we can share.


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