Outdoor Stair Treads Ideas

Jul 7th

Outdoor stair treads provides a way to travel between two points with different heights. Upstairs consists of a riser and tread. Stair riser determines the height of the stairs. The tread staircase is where you place your feet. The general rule of thumb is to tread staircase plus twice the height of the path should correspond to 26 inches. The width of the steps depends on the use of stairs.

White Outdoor Stair Treads
White Outdoor Stair Treads

Rise and Run

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Measure the rise and run of the stairs to calculate your stair dimensions. The increase is the change in vertical height, and run is the horizontal distance will cover the stairs. Landings are used when the run of the stairs is longer than the width of seven or eight stairs. Turns on the stairs used when the increase is more than running. Stair Riser height and stair gauges must be consistent across the outdoor stair treads. Our brains know stair height after the first step. This allows us to go up the stairs without looking at our feet, or focus on the task. People are triggered if the path height changes. Most building codes allow only a small variance — less than a quarter of an inch — the paths the height of a staircase.

Outdoor Steps

Outdoor stair treads should be more foot friendly because of rain and snow can make them slippery. Outdoor stairs should be at least 12 inches. Risers should be 7 inches or less. Indoor step may be steeper, with a narrower tread. There is less space to handle the slope of landings indoors. Most building codes have a minimum 9-inch width for residential stairs. Large public buildings, such as museums and courthouses, are designed with wide steps with short risers. This is done for visual effect and to accommodate more people on the stairs. However, should liven not be less than 4 inches, because people generally do not adapt their gait to a shorter rise.

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