Nice Stairwell Lighting Control

Jun 13th

Stairwell lighting – The main purpose of a well-lighted staircase is to make those who climb and descend through it feel secure. And also have visibility to avoid accidents. However, that is not enough reason to leave it without style. Lighting in stairwells has a huge potential for lowering the energy consumption of a property. Many times the light is completely unnecessary. Think about how often and how long are people in the stairwell really? In a stairwell, lighting control is smartly designed. So that no one in the stairwell feels that they move in the dark towards the next floor.

Wall Stairwell Lighting
Wall Stairwell Lighting

With the e-Sense Move in the staircase, the visitor never moves towards the dark as the illumination lights up in front of. One way to stairwell lighting in a subtle way and without disturbing the view of those who use the staircase is to place recessed lamps in the lower part of the wall. If you find the right lights, which provide sufficient visibility, it will suffice that you place one every 3 or 4 steps. If the construction of your ladder allows, another great option is to place the built-ins directly on the steps. Take advantage of the cant to prevent the light from projecting to the face of those who go up and down.

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It is important to consider the implementation of light diffusers and attenuators. These to control the intensity and make the journey even more comfortable. An excellent stairwell lighting alternative for both indoor and outdoor ladders is to use LED strips on the steps. This advice is especially useful for floating ladders or with free space between each step. You will see that it is very easy to create depth effects and layers of visual textures with this method. So, get stairwell lighting is a funny project.