Knowing Stair Trim Components

Jun 23rd

Stair trim – Trim around a staircase serves an important safety feature. But it can also add personality and charm to a home decor. Turned wood trim, for example, brings traditional style to a wood or carpeted staircase. While wrought iron trim complements a tile staircase. Knowing the parts of a stairway ensures that you can communicate clearly with contractors and workers when building or renovating a staircase. Knowing the correct stair terminology helps you understand how stair trim components fit a staircase. The vertical height of a staircase called “rises” and its horizontal footprint is called “run”. The horizontal surface of each step is known as “wire”.

Start To Finish Stair Trim
Start To Finish Stair Trim

And the vertical pieces that fill the gap between treads are known as “risers.” The edge of each tread that hangs out riser is called “leading edge.” These parts include components of a staircase. Newel; Newel is the vertical post that starts the stair trim structure at the bottom of the stairs. Newel serves to dock the handbook. It is often the largest, sturdiest and most significant piece of trim on the whole staircase. A “newel cap” is an optional decorative trim piece that tops newel, much like a finial on a lamp. Interior architects use new mail to tie the stairs. Handrail; the handrail helps you, your family and your guests safely use your staircase. A hand line should be wide enough to provide support. But not so wide that a person easily cannot understand it to prevent a fall down the stairs.

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The handrail should be smooth and polished so that it does not splash or scratch skin or fabric. Handrails are often made of wood that has been dyed or painted to match the rest of the stair trim. Balusters; Baluster is a trim that fills the space between the handrail and the tread. Baluster can help prevent a small child – or anyone who has lost his balance – from the sidewalk’s stepped staircase. A traditional staircase uses round wooden balustrades. While modern stairs use long-length steel cables installed parallel to the ridge instead of balustrade. Stairs in homes built in the Tuscan or Spanish style often features ornate. Wrought iron balusters that complement the architecture of the home.Base Stair Trim Carpentry Stair Trim Close Up Stair Trim Contemporary Stair Trim Custom Stair Trim Installing Stair Trim Make Over Stair Trim Stair Trim Molding Stair Trim Transition Stair Trim Design Stair Trim Purpose Start To Finish Stair Trim

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