Innovative Electric Stair Climber

Jul 6th

Electric stair climber – For wheelchair users who routinely struggles maneuvering around their homes, especially when going up stairs, recent technology produced electric wheelchair that can climb stairs, making daily trip to upper level rooms more affordable for physically disabled in 21st century. Using an innovative wheel design that transforms into tank-like webs site of sand, gravel and ruts, Galileo Mobility Accessible not only suitable for stairs, but is adaptable to any environment.

Using Electric Stair Climber
Using Electric Stair Climber

chair can also elevate users to eye level positions and allows people to enter and exit vehicles without vehicle modifications. Although it is not really a wheelchair himself, adds Scala Mobile to almost any manual wheelchair. A battery-operated electric stair, it can climb or go down different types of stairs from spiral to wood case. Compact and lightweight, requires Scala Mobile no changes or installations to work anywhere, perfect for carrying 200-plus pounds up 300 steps on ¨|n battery charge.

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Developed by French scientist Herve le Masne, let Topchair users electric stair climber and other osbtacles in chair way. A built-in infrared system detects first step and last in a set before automatically retracting climbing mechanism; little or no room for error and to ensure a reliable travel experience. In living room they have inserted a glass wall facing library. When glass door is closed, dampened also sound. Here you can read books, watch TV, enjoy view or kids can play while adults have a full overview.

And immediately question arises – who vilbruke electric stair climber more often? If this gets older, increasing automatic requirements for comfort and safety ladder. In addition, it should give impression of a strong and reliable, even a cursory examination. If children are present, so care should be taken to limit possibility of unauthorized access to stairs and into attic, because safety rules normally observed in house, often unwittingly violated in these areas, which are from time to time.

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