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Jun 22nd

Metal stair stringers – There is no simple way around it: to convert a metal ladder to wood, you must eliminate old stairs and rebuild it with wooden boards. In face is a difficult, intimidating task, it is not as difficult as you think. Each ladder is constructed with boards wide, called stiles, cut to size precisely needed. If stairs were built respecting code of local code, you can often simply transfer measurements to a new wooden staircase and proceed to mark and cut stringers. Other options include using an online stair calculator or manually calculating stair dimensions. Unscrew top of metal stair from top floor and bottom of floor of lower level. Disengage any screws securing side rails or rails. Depending on location and methods used, you may have to perform this different job. However, removing stairs will be self-explanatory. Only work carefully to avoid damaging walls and floors.

Small Metal Stair Stringers
Small Metal Stair Stringers

Look for total increase of ladder, which is distance between floors from lower right level to finished floor surface at upper level. Divide total increase, in inches, by 7 to determine number of steps you require for your ladders. An 86-inch total increase, for example, divided by 7 gives 12.28 steps. They complete nearest full step – 12 in this case. Divide total climb by number of steps taken to calculate climb step of each step on metal stair stringers.  Using example above, 86 inches divided by 12 gives way to a pitch of 7.16. Building code defines ideal location as 7 inches; well, this place of passage is enough.

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If rise varies greatly – it yields 8 inches for example – recalculate to identify errors. Also, adding a low step increase and taking a step increases. Multiply number of steps by 11 inches, depth of passage, called term – to calculate total stair run or length of travel metal stair stringers horizontally. Code construction and research indicates that 11 inches is ideal pitch depth. As passageway, it can be lengthened or shortened to create a smoother or steeper slope. Determining requirements of local code earlier varies greatly from ideal.

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