Decorative Stair Handrail

Jun 23rd

Stair handrail – If your stairway bar looks creepy and boring, you may want to do more than run a sponge over it. Re-raising your rails can give your stairway pole an explosion of life. Use the handrail as an accent play. Look around at the other accents in the room or nearby areas for inspiration.

Stair Handrail Wood
Stair Handrail Wood

Use Negative Space

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Highlighting a stair handrail leaves a beautiful design of other stair elements. You can use as few strings (support bars) as possible to create a “nude” frame look, which works well on a spiral staircase with thin, wide steps as well. A metal handrail over a glass window instead of braces creates a similar effect, but with a modern edge. For the final use of negative space, solid, barbers can simply be stopped to create a floating staircase. Stairs are mounted on the wall or on a traditional “box” case.

Color and pattern

For a quick makeover without completely reversing your staircase, you can always get a bucket of color for the rack. A black barbell along with black crown and bass casting can create a dramatic effect in a room, hall or foyer with high ceilings and light, neutral colored walls. Like the black, other contrasting colors on a stair handrail can make even colored decor accents pop. To fill more space with color, stalks can be boldly painted with a tan shade for the railing. For a look that goes beyond color, wall decals cut to fit the handrail can add eye-catching detail to a staircase. Stair handrail can rolling vines or flower motifs, birds or long, curvy graphic patterns all fit for the thin climbing form.

If you are wondering what kind of barbell goes with your hardwood floors, expansive rooms and paneled walls, rustic and natural finish wood rails can work well in your home. Natural finishes vary the style of the railing – and thus stairway – depending on the finish. A dark cherry finish looks more formal, especially with a high gloss finish. Ear and other intermediates finishes can look “domestic” or land affected. Very light wood, like bamboo, can look contemporary or traditional, depending on the surrounding decor.

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