Best Ideas Glass Stair Railing

Jun 3rd

Stair Railing – The glass railings are gaining presence in both interior and exterior decoration. When designing handrails in general, and glass railings in particular, there are several important factors to take into account, but certainly the most important is the safety of users. We will explain what elements are involved in the calculation of handrails, but above all, we want to emphasize common sense. A tempered safety glass is not enough since, in the case of breakage by the impact of a user, the glass would be shattered leaving it to fall.

Stair Railing Wood
Stair Railing Wood

We must, therefore, look for laminated solutions and decide according to the dimensions, handrails and above all anchors, if we additionally temper or thermoset the laminate glass to increase the mechanical resistance. The glass stair railing must withstand a thrust (force “X”) on its upper edge, which depends on the use of the place where it is installed (public or private, see mechanical requirements). Depending on the presence or absence of structural handrails, it is the glass or the handrail that supports the greatest effort.

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This last point is very important and serves to explain why, although the CTE allows the use of tempered glass, common sense always leads us to recommend the use of laminated glass: If for any reason the stair railing glass broke, The tempered glass would be broken into pieces by letting the object or user who has hit it empty into the void. However, laminated glass, thanks to the existence of the interlayer, remains in place after breaking, preventing falls and accidents.

When installing safety glass, it is important to require the Declaration of Performance of the latter (including a CE certificate) to ensure that it meets the required safety level. A document that Guardian delivers to the glass transformer in each of its deliveries. The Technical Building Code (CTE) requires the use of safety glass (a priori laminated or tempered). Depending on the slope of the stair railing, different levels of safety (1B1, 2B2 or 3B3) will be required, levels set with the pendulum test.