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Jun 9th

Stair climbers – Stair machines were once very popular in health clubs and gyms. They were designed to provide an aerobic or cardiovascular training by simulating climbing stairs. In recent years they have been replaced by machines that are easier on the knee and hip joints and that is better for your back. But you can still find them in some gyms today. If used properly and combined with other forms of aerobic machines, they can add variety to your workout, and they need help to tone the buttocks and legs. Stair climbers are very large and heavy pieces of equipment. They have a set of steps that move on a belt. You use the machine by standing on the stairs and holding lightly on the railing. As the stairs begin to move try to keep pace by stepping up on the next steps. The machines can be put in speeds ranging from very slow to very fast. They work primarily under the body, and can be very effective in getting your heart rate up and give you a good workout.

Stair Climbers Style
Stair Climbers Style

Stair climbers are different from Step. Step is much smaller machine, which has two pedals. See the picture here. You stand on the pedals and push them up and down to help increase your heart rate. They are safer on the joints since you actually have to step up a set of stairs that stair climber. They have become more popular then step climbers because of its smaller size and the fact that they are easier to use.

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Characteristics. Some stair climbers are driven by a cylinder. These machines use air or fluid compressed in the cylinders to provide resistance. Others are computerized. In less expensive models may be necessary to adjust the control to change the speed and resistance manually. In computer models, you can enter information into a console. Consoles of stair climber machines can be simple or complex. Before buying a stair climber machine is best to try it out and make sure you only buy the features you really need.